About Marcy's Pintoid Camera Adventure.

The general rule with pinhole photographers is that the cameras are nearly as important as the images. The importance of the pinhole camera to the pinholer seems to be evident across the board. I've even heard some say, "I've got to stop making cameras and start making images." In any case, I've enjoyed the urban legends surrounding Altoids* (the peppermint flavor anyway), and Altoids emergence in pop culture.

Pintoids are pinhole cameras made from Altoids containers. The Great Pintoid Adventure is a continuing journey. The journey began during a trip I took with my dog across the northern plains to the north shore of Lake Superior. That was in the year 2000, and I still can't get the Pintoid monkey off my back.

About me:

I was born in Flint, Michigan and grew up on the outskirts of Detroit. In 1978 I moved to Seattle. I've always held a passion for photography and, after a holding string of jobs that built my character, in 1988 I opened a photography studio. I moved that studio to the Washington coast in 1993. Nikon shooter by day, my work also embraces what I refer to as junk store cameras. Merrill Photography's images have adorned magazine covers, book covers and calendars and my pinhole images have been in a variety of group shows and solo exhibits. I also teach pinhole photography workshops.


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I have a couple other sites:

merrillphoto.com & junkstorecameras.com


A variety of Pintoid cameras.
*The Altoids urban legend, if you poke around just a bit, you'll find a ton of stuff. The first Altoids legend I ever heard was before I even began buying Altoids on a regular basis. This was in the 80's. It held that Altoids contained crack cocaine and that's why a person can't eat just one. The second, and most prevalent Altoids urban legend holds that Altoids make for better blow jobs. There's even a woman (I think it's a woman, but hmm....maybe not?) who calls herself the "Blow Job Queen". She crunches four Altoids (peppermint, of course) before giving you-know-what. Supposedly, Monica Lewinsky made a comment about using Altoids in just this way -though I didn't find it in her testimony (and I looked). Both legends revolve around the original curiously strong peppermint flavor. The other flavors don't appear to have that aura of curiosity.





































I won an award for this stuff once:

...And then ...one time? ... A Pintoid image of mine was used in a documentary about Nazi alien conspiracy. It aired on the Discovery Channel.