I used a three-holed "Multitoid" for this image of boots on fence posts. Each hole was exposed seperately. I was in Nebraska, trying to decide whether to take a northerly route, or continue on a more westerly direction. I'd remembered a vintage album I had at home. It was a souvenier from Casper, Wyoming. But, hmm... I began to second guess myself. Maybe it was Cody? I was pretty sure it was Casper. I called Bob and had him search for the album out in the studio. Casper it was and Casper became my destination. I spent a couple of days there, Pintoiding and looking ahead to a time when I might be able to fill that album. The album cover is smaltzily painted with brightly colored watercolors. I used vintage photo dyes to match the smarmy postcard-like colors of the album's cover.

The original print, before tinting.
The 3-holer "Multitoid" pinhole camera used to make this shot. I exposed each hole seperately, though the holes can be exposed simultaneously. Using this multe-holed camera allowed me to do a close-up on each post. Otherwise, the Pintoid cameras are so wide-angled that the other posts would've been teeny tiny in the background. I wanted them closer together. Someone told me that ranchers put boots on fenceposts to protect the posts from the elements.
A blurb about tinting with dyes. logo

3 Boots on fence posts.





3holer multitoid






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