This past 2013, I took a trip across North America, documenting my journey with Pintoid cameras. I left in August and returned in October. Here, I've compiled a few Pintoid photos of my trip. Like it or not, I'm actively adding more photos as I just can't seem to help myself. More is better.

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Harry Houdini's vault
Airstream Way

Processing this film is like a second journey. As I pull the negatives from the tank I'm, like, "Oh shit! Evel's grave!" and "Oh shit! Heidi's ashes!" I wrote in my darkroom log, "I love these negatives about as much as you can [love something] [love a negative] [love film] [love ice cream]. I love these negs." I'm actually being careful with them, which is unusual for me.

Casper 1
horse sculpture Casper, Wyoming
Nondescript coffee shop.


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