Striking out from my hometown of Ortonville (my original hometown...I now live in a place called Tokeland - and, yes, it's legal here), I happened to notice there's a museum of magic in Marshall, Michigan. Who knew there is a truly "quaint" town in southern Michigan? The American Museum of Magic is located near the center of a downtown replete with vintage buildings and olde towne charm. As it turns out, magic-lovers from all over the globe flock to this place to view such things as Harry Houdini's original vault. The flyer says they have the "largest collection of magic artifacts on display anywhere in the United States".

A Pintoid camera, shooting the Harry Houdini display in Marshall, Michigan.

A photo of the Pintoid camera, taking the photo at the top of this page. There wasn't a lot of light in this particular area of the museum. My exposure time was probably about 30 minutes. I wondered through the upstairs and downstairs. The staff were very nice about allowing Pintoid photography - "As long as it's for your own private use" she said. ( Don't know who else it'd be for. No one actually wants this crap.)


Magic Museum, Houdini's vault































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