In and out weather. Mostly out. Pouring rain, then just gray. Then pouring, driving rain again.

Then ...I spotted it on my Rand McNally Atlas map. A tiny bit of text, hinting that there was something marvelous up ahead. Well, it might not have been exactly up ahead. I might have readjusted the steering wheel a few hundred miles. I do that when something catches my gut. Those road atlases don't give away much. I rely a lot on little brown roadside signs. In this case, it was the map that sent me to The Matchstick Marvels of Gladbrook, Iowa. Patrick Acton creates large scale models from hundreds of thousands of matchsticks. His works are on display in an old theater. Each piece is lighted with track lighting and is displayed behind plexiglass. The woman running the place was very nice! I arrived late in the day. She let me place my Pintoid cameras inside the plexiglass displays and offered to let me stay after closing. "We try to be accomodating."she said.

This exposure of a model of the Notre Dam Cathedral was approximately 15 minutes. I used a 6-holed Multitoid and exposed all of the holes simultaneously.










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