This page needs some text. ...and don't I know it! I'm just now building this site and learning the software. I know my formatting is all screwy and I apologize for that. I'm not trying to insult your intelligence by presenting to you a half-baked web site, I'm just excited about how far it's actually come from its completely unintelligible beginning.

Tin car cam pinhole camera.


A pinhole body cap on a 35mm SLR. Yes! Pinhole can be done with digital technology!

My portable Camera Obscura.


My Can-0-Rama pinhole camera. A used movie film tin. I used this camera to take the loooong image (above) of Matchbox cars. I piled the cars around the camera.

The cardboard ring acts as a shutter. Remove it to take the exposure.


Pinholes are located around the entire camera.

35mm film is taped onto an inner cardboard ring.



An Arghole image.